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Mitsubishi Engine North America, a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), boasts a unique line of turbochargers to supply the needs of different engines and different industries. MHI builds turbochargers for a wide variety of engines from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to ships and gas engines for power systems.
The demand for turbochargers is rising to meet the needs of changing industries. MHI is a leader in this space with dynamic technologies and a wealth of experience and reliability in producing high-speed, compact turbochargers. MHI's turbomachinary technologies also include gas turbines and compressors.
Turbochargers compress more air than usual into engine cylinders. More power and more efficient use of fuel is the result of compressing air into a piston chamber.
an economic solution for a greenerenvironment
Better Fuel Economy
Reduce Pollution
Increase Engine Power
Consumers are driving the energy-economy by demanding environmentally friendly products. America's legislators and regulators have responded with tighter fuel regulations that are changing the automobile industry, such as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Turbocharger division is providing automakers with the solutions needed to exceed these demands, powering cars with the smartest and most efficient turbochargers.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is continuing to invest in America, opening a facility in Franklin, Indiana where we are committed to local job growth while providing sustainable solutions to our partners.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' history of reliability continues:
Dynamic Performance
High Quality Technologies
Expert Responsive Support

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